Spine Pain Warrior

My journey, as a 37 year old spoonie, living with Degenerative Disc Disease & 1st surgery following sciatica, spine pain, chronic pain and lower back pain

Coping & Buying Equipment 

At first I thought I was coping with the prognosis of living with chronic back pain. That I’m likely to need a series of surgeries. I pray that I hit the 5 – 10% chance of success. That I’ll be back to “normal” afterwards as though it’s just a hiccup, a blip, a little painful Read more about Coping & Buying Equipment […]

All About the Dogs!

When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated. —Sara Paretsky On Saturday my housemate and I took 3 of our girls, Macey and her daughters Megan and Harper, to the Sound Hounds Dog Show. We only entered our in the Prettiest Bitch class. We didn’t win, my girls are stunning! It was a lovely few Read more about All About the Dogs![…]

Heroes, an Invaluable Resource 

***Long Post – Tea & Cake Required*** When I was a child I had no idea my mum was disabled. She was just my Mum, I knew no different. As I got older myself and my school friends began to notice she was different. I endured a little while of the kids calling my mum Read more about Heroes, an Invaluable Resource […]

Triple D

Today I received this copy of the letter sent from my consultant to my gp. It confirms that I have Degenerative Disc Disease and outlines the treatment stats etc.  I was ok about it until I got this letter. I had a massive wobble. It means it’s all real. My back is unlikely to get Read more about Triple D[…]

Hypnic Jerks and Violent Legs!

Over the last week or so as I’m falling asleep I’ve had hypnic jerks. I have had them on and off for all of my life. Usually they are just inconvenient and delay my falling to sleep. Now they are painful and hurt my back. Luckily not too much just enough to delay my sleep a Read more about Hypnic Jerks and Violent Legs![…]

How Dare They?!

Keyboard warriors are the bane of my life. People who hide behind a cryptic screen name and abuse others. I was born in Coventry and have lived here all of my life. The city is far from perfect but does not deserve the scathing, spiteful reviews that have lead to the publishing of this article Read more about How Dare They?![…]

Pain Diary

I  found this on the The Mighty. How to Make a Pain Diary is a fantastic post and a brilliant idea. I’m going to try and start one but I’m usually rubbish at keeping up with these things!