23rd June 2017

My Furbabies xx

I am blessed to be owned by 8 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Some I bought, some I bred and some I rescued. Me & my housemate co-own the furbabies. We both love dogs and have shared houses and flats for over 10 years. We are bestfriends and agreed to take joint responsibility as neither of us could care for them on our own.


They have their own social media pages under the name Sky Blue Cavaliers:

Sky Blue Cavaliers on Facebook
Sky Blue Cavaliers on Twitter
Sky Blue Cavaliers on Instagram

We both volunteer for our friends rescue Cavaliers in Need, as a result we have 2 rescues from them and a foster!

Our first Cavvie was Jessica, we searched for a Blenhiem girl and found her online. She was born on the 25/06/2008 and came home on 01/09/2008. Being naive to the health problems we bought her without questioning the dam and sire’s health testing results. We were very lucky and when we had her heart, eye, DNA and MRI’d she is very healthy. We had her MRI’d at Stonelion in Wimbledon Village by Dr Clare Rusbridge, she told us her MRI was so good and her nature is perfect it would be ashamed not to breed her. We found a health tested stud and she gave us 1 beautiful litter. Jessica is the reason for our addiction to the breed! From the very beginning she was loving, caring and playful. She loves men, if we go on a group walk she will go around all of the men getting fusses. She loves children to and is very gentle, letting them fuss her without making any movements that could make them jump. Even when she’s happy Jessica always looks sad!


Next we decided that we would like another Cavvie but decided on a rescue. We went to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club and contacted the Midlands Cavalier Rescue. They sent us a form and we confirmed that we would foster as well as adopt. They told us that they very rarely get rescues in and we could be in for a long wait. Less than 2 weeks later we were contacted with a choice between a girl & a boy together or a boy! We wanted a girl and decided to take the 2 together. On 04/08/2010 we collected Alfie & Gizzy. Alfie was 2 years old and Gizzy 4 years old. Alfie was very close to Gizzy, he would panic when separated from her. Gizzy on the other hand didn’t give a monkeys!

Alfie, born on 10/01/2008 suffers with his ears due to untreated infections and colitis but is healthy otherwise. Since being raw fed Alfie’s colitis has settled down and he is a cuddly, playful boy. At first he was very nervous and jumpy especially if you moved your hands too quick or lifted them over him. We think he had been hit but once he learnt to trust us he wants cuddles a lot!



Gizzy on the other hand was riddled with illnesses. She had

Syringomyelia (SM)
Chiari-like Malformation

and grade 6 Mitral Valve Disease (MVD).

She was very quiet until we got her MRI’d, diagnosed and on the correct medication. Then Gizzy became a different dog. She enjoyed the last 18 months of her life. She would bark for you to come in from the garden to sit with her, bark to be fed and would play with me sometimes. Unfortunately the medication she had to take to keep her comfortable caused kidney failure and she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 27/04/2012.


Gizzy 16/04/2006 – 27/04/2012

As per Dr Clare Rusbridge‘s advice we found a health tested stud, Paddy. After a successful mating Jessica gave birth to 5 healthy trim-coloured puppies on 03/01/2012. We had originally wanted a blenheim girl to keep, which was typical! 5 try-coloured pups of which only 1 was a girl. We didn’t intend on keeping a puppy from that litter then but 1st born became very ill after having his puppy wormer at 2 weeks old. It stripped the lining from his stomach and he passed blood for approx 5 – 6 weeks. We stayed up with him for the first 2 nights syringing milk and water into him to keep him alive. A breeder we were friends with on Facebook advised us to give him honey in warm water, this did the trick. He picked up very quickly and started feeding from Jessica again. From then on 1st born, called Merlot, stayed with us. He is a big, goofy and cuddly ball of love. I wouldn’t change him for the world. He is gorgeous inside and out.



After a couple of years of searching for a health test black and tan girl we found one at the time Jessica’s litter were growing. Glenbrows had a litter on 20/02/2012 of which we were lucky enough to find our Macey. When she came home we could not separate her and Merlot. We referred to them as M&M. They were happy to spend all of their time together chilling, playing or sleeping. They were very close. Eventually after about 18 months Macey realised we were there too and started wanting cuddles from us. Macey was health tested and is heart, eye, patella, hip dysplasia, DNA  and MRI’d clear at 3 years old. She has, so far, blessed us with 2 gorgeous litters.



Riley was born on approximately 20/10/13, is Blenheim coloured and has been living with us since 19/04/14. He was rescued by Cavaliers in Need when at approximately 4 months old he was dumped at a vets with the words “Do what you want with it”. My friend text us his photo and we instantly fell in love. He is the most gentle, loving, playful and cheeky Cavvie you will ever meet. Whoever dumped him obviously didn’t know what a gorgeous boy he was going to grow into. I’m glad they did dump him because we now have the pleasure of calling him ours!



Honey was born on approximately 13/09/11, is Ruby coloured and has been living with us since September 2014. She is a rescued ex-breeding bitch from Cavaliers in Need who is still learning that humans can be kind and loving. She was extremely abused and neglected when she was found. She needed both knees operating on due to severe luxating patellas. She loves our pack and although is the smallest at only 5kg, she is the boss. Even Merlot & Riley who are both 3 times her size are dominated by her! Honey now loves cuddles and fusses. She loves playing with the pups.



On the 04/08/2015 Macey gave birth to 7 puppies sired by fully health tested Jacob. 1st born was Megan who we have kept. Actually Honey chose her from the beginning, she would watch the litter and when they were old enough to be introduced to the rest of the pack Honey made a b-line for Megan to play with. Megan is the most adorable ruby girl, very affectionate and loves working. She has passed her Good Citizen Dog Training bronze, silver and gold awards. We are looking to move her onto obedience training because she loves working so much.



On the 28/09/2016 Macey gave birth to 6 puppies sired by fully health tested Alfie. We were looking for another black and tan girl and we were blessed with Harper. She is her mother’s daughter. Harper & Megan have a very strong bond, I think they know they are half-sisters. Macey is a good mum and still tries to mother them both. Harper is doing her  Good Citizen Dog Training bronze training and also loves working. Out of the entire pack Harper is the most affectionate. She constantly wants kisses, cuddles and belly rubs. Harper will sleep next to either of us. Honey joins in playing with Megan and Harper. They have a great time tearing around the house and garden!



On the 31/08/2008 we took in Boi the cat. He was approximately 2 years old and we guessed his birthday to be about 01/07/2006. All Boi wanted to do was chill. He enjoyed a fuss and sleeping on our laps. He took each new dog in his stride. At first he would be disgusted that another dog had arrived but he soon warmed up to them and they played well together too. Unfortunately on 13/07/2014 he was run over and killed instantly just outside our house. We were heartbroken and shocked to lose him so quickly.


Boi 01/07/06 – 13/07/2014

We like to think that both Gizzy & Boi are playing together at the Rainbow Bridge.


Gizzy & Boi having a moment


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