Does Sciatica Cause Muscle Spasms? I Wish I Hadn’t Found Out!

Today I have had the pleasure of experiencing sciatic muscle cramps, the spasms were in my back, buttocks, lower leg and foot. The pain was excruciating and my muscles were rock hard. I couldn’t massage them as they were really painful to touch, like having a really bad bruise. Trying to stretch my legs and back just made it worse. It’s unlike any other cramp I’ve ever experienced. I can’t find the words to describe the pain. It lasted about 3 – 4 hours with little to no relief from my painkillers or Oramorph. I couldn’t sit, stand or lay down because of how much pain I was in and was in tears the entire time.

I think I need to take out shares in Kleenex because of the amount of tissues I’ve gotten through from crying since this whole chapter of my life has started.

The saying above is extremely true, for me at least. When I’m in a relatively small amount of pain I will moan and sometimes cry but when I’m in a lot of pain for an extended amount of time I tend to hide it behind a “happy mask”. I feel like people will get fed up of my moaning and I’ll lose them if I constantly complain or remind them I’m in pain. The cramps smashed this into pieces though! There was no way I could paste a smile on my distorted, teary and snotty face! There is no “happy mask” in existence that could’ve covered that mess.

So to answer my question does sciatica cause muscle spasms? Yes it does and the pain is excruciating! I’ve got some diazepam in preparation for if it returns!



6 thoughts on “Does Sciatica Cause Muscle Spasms? I Wish I Hadn’t Found Out!

  • That sounds like a terrible thing to go through. I can relate to the part about the happy mask. I don’t think that it is just for physical pain, but for mental pain as well. This reminds of a time that I was on a plane and one of the passengers had to get up every hour because they were in pain. We were talking about it and they had pretty much given up hope that it would ever go away. I don’t think that I really understood how chronic pain affects someone’s life before I met them .

    Well, I hope that you are well and that the sciatica doesn’t return!

    • Thank you, the sciatica is constant it’s just the cramps that wore off 🙁
      Chronic pain is awful and so debilitating. I didn’t really appreciate what people went through until now x

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