6 Week Post Op Check

Today I had my 6 week post op appointment with my surgeon. His surgery over ran so I waited over 2 hours to see him. I wasn’t bothered as he, first and foremost, is a surgeon and unexpected things happen in the theatres. It’s not like he can pause halfway through surgery because he’s got Read more about 6 Week Post Op Check[…]

So Good to be Back!!

First and foremost I would like to apologise for disappearing, my pain levels had gradually increased to a point where I could not sit anywhere comfortably for more than a few minutes. I could not use my laptop at all. I now have a laptop table so can’t be stopped 😀 A lot has happened Read more about So Good to be Back!![…]


Source: http://www.edelmangallery.com/parkeharrison-precipice My mood has been like a rollercoaster the last couple of weeks. It’s beginning to sink in that my back is knackered and in the words of my consultant “there is no cure.” As I sit here with an angry back I can’t help thinking “is this it?” “How much worse will it get?” Read more about Precipice…[…]

Triple D

Today I received this copy of the letter sent from my consultant to my gp. It confirms that I have Degenerative Disc Disease and outlines the treatment stats etc.  I was ok about it until I got this letter. I had a massive wobble. It means it’s all real. My back is unlikely to get Read more about Triple D[…]

My Story So Far…

For those who don’t want to scroll back through all of the posts. This is a long post so grab a cuppa, a chocolate bar and make yourself comfortable. When I was in my teens I discovered heavy metal music and fell in love! All it took was the first chord of Paranoid by Black Read more about My Story So Far…[…]

Pre-Op Letter!

Today I got my letter for my Pre-Op appointment! Was surprised it was so quick. The appointment is on 4th July at 19:00. I have no idea what tests they’ll need to do…

The Surgery I'm Facing…

Here is a link to a video of Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery also known as decompression surgery, which is what I should be having: Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery Video Here is a link to the risks and success rates etc: Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery Risks, Complications and Success I’m not bothered by the prospect of having major surgery Read more about The Surgery I'm Facing…[…]

The Consultation…

My housemate came with me to my appointment as although I was ok about it Friday & yesterday, this morning I was a little anxious. We arrive 10 minutes early, we’d barely sat down in the waiting room when I was called through. I had downloaded a dictaphone app for my phone to record the Read more about The Consultation…[…]

MRI Report

Here is my report. It was the news that I equally expected & dreaded. The L4/L5 disc bulge is significant enough for surgery to be the only option at this point. My Chiropractor advised of treatments but due to the severity he is reluctant to try them due to the risk of making it worse. Read more about MRI Report[…]