2018 – A New Year

  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely New Year. Mine was spent with family and friends eating way too much, just the way I like it. This post may be a bit long, it is the obligatory look back at last year and looking forward to what may be in Read more about 2018 – A New Year[…]

My Trip to A&E

I had to go to a&e this afternoon because the pain was unbearable, it was 15 out of 10. I’ve got a weird sensation in my back, down my left leg and foot that feels like when you have restless legs. This frightened me as well because I know something has changed in my back Read more about My Trip to A&E[…]

Morphine Patches Pain Relief

  This afternoon I went back to the doctors as I am still in a lot of pain. The pain has changed in both my back, hips and leg. It’s a bit difficult to explain but I know that something is different on my back. I can almost feel it as well as sense it. Read more about Morphine Patches Pain Relief[…]

Hypnic Jerks and Violent Legs!

Over the last week or so as I’m falling asleep I’ve had hypnic jerks. I have had them on and off for all of my life. Usually they are just inconvenient and delay my falling to sleep. Now they are painful and hurt my back. Luckily not too much just enough to delay my sleep a Read more about Hypnic Jerks and Violent Legs![…]

My Story So Far…

For those who don’t want to scroll back through all of the posts. This is a long post so grab a cuppa, a chocolate bar and make yourself comfortable. When I was in my teens I discovered heavy metal music and fell in love! All it took was the first chord of Paranoid by Black Read more about My Story So Far…[…]

Rattling as I Hobble

Due to the recent pain levels I had a telephone consultation with my GP. They told me if I need to change my painkillers I don’t need to go in as they know how painful it is for me. My GP rang quite quickly after I phoned to request the consultation. I explained that the Read more about Rattling as I Hobble[…]

Full Nights Sleep… What is That?!

It’s 5:29am, I’ve been awake since 4am! I was rudely awakened by pain in my back and both hips. Moving to get out of bed was agony. “I’m so fucking sick of this!” I thought as I hobbled to the bathroom. I needed to get moving to help ease the pain a little so I Read more about Full Nights Sleep… What is That?![…]

Bad Pain Days

The last couple of days have been agony. It started Monday night when I slept on the sofa due to the heat. It’s a lot cooler downstairs in my house than in my room. Tuesday morning I woke up and my lumbar spine was agony! It felt like I had a lump in there, there Read more about Bad Pain Days[…]

The Consultation…

My housemate came with me to my appointment as although I was ok about it Friday & yesterday, this morning I was a little anxious. We arrive 10 minutes early, we’d barely sat down in the waiting room when I was called through. I had downloaded a dictaphone app for my phone to record the Read more about The Consultation…[…]

Change of Pain Meds + Antibiotics

This morning I went to see my GP about my pain meds as they are not working. She was very angry that the locum had only put me on 300mg of Gabapentin per day. She was also unimpressed that I’m taking Paracetamol as well, she said “you are way past Paracetamol, they are only sweets Read more about Change of Pain Meds + Antibiotics[…]