Source: My mood has been like a rollercoaster the last couple of weeks. It’s beginning to sink in that my back is knackered and in the words of my consultant “there is no cure.” As I sit here with an angry back I can’t help thinking “is this it?” “How much worse will it get?” Read more about Precipice…[…]

Morphine Patches Pain Relief

  This afternoon I went back to the doctors as I am still in a lot of pain. The pain has changed in both my back, hips and leg. It’s a bit difficult to explain but I know that something is different on my back. I can almost feel it as well as sense it. Read more about Morphine Patches Pain Relief[…]

Triple D

Today I received this copy of the letter sent from my consultant to my gp. It confirms that I have Degenerative Disc Disease and outlines the treatment stats etc.  I was ok about it until I got this letter. I had a massive wobble. It means it’s all real. My back is unlikely to get Read more about Triple D[…]

My Story So Far…

For those who don’t want to scroll back through all of the posts. This is a long post so grab a cuppa, a chocolate bar and make yourself comfortable. When I was in my teens I discovered heavy metal music and fell in love! All it took was the first chord of Paranoid by Black Read more about My Story So Far…[…]

Rattling as I Hobble

Due to the recent pain levels I had a telephone consultation with my GP. They told me if I need to change my painkillers I don’t need to go in as they know how painful it is for me. My GP rang quite quickly after I phoned to request the consultation. I explained that the Read more about Rattling as I Hobble[…]

Change of Pain Meds + Antibiotics

This morning I went to see my GP about my pain meds as they are not working. She was very angry that the locum had only put me on 300mg of Gabapentin per day. She was also unimpressed that I’m taking Paracetamol as well, she said “you are way past Paracetamol, they are only sweets Read more about Change of Pain Meds + Antibiotics[…]

Cancellations List and Sinusitis

I managed to speak to the Neurosurgeon’s secretary today, she is lovely. Very helpful. I asked about being on a cancellations list and she said she will contact me when the next cancellation comes up. She also advised that she’ll look out for cancellations for the other consultants too 😊 I hope I get to Read more about Cancellations List and Sinusitis[…]

The Drugs are Multiplying!!!

This afternoon I went to see my GPs again. The pain is a nightmare and disrupting my sleep etc. I saw a different locum and advised what pain I was getting. I told her that I’m taking max doses of the painkillers I’m already on and I’m still in considerable pain. I explained that I use Read more about The Drugs are Multiplying!!![…]

Standing & Walking are a Pain in the Back!!

Whilst holidaying I am doing a lot more walking than usual. I’m walking up and down steps, sand dunes etc. As we walked over the soft sand my left foot rolled under again, although I couldn’t feel anything in my ankle due to the numbness it jolted my back. All of this is causing me Read more about Standing & Walking are a Pain in the Back!![…]

Surgical Referral & Holiday Prep

Yesterday I booked an appointment at my GPs, luckily it was with a locum. I say luckily as my doctors don’t seem to want to acknowledge just how much pain I’m in or how bad my L4/L5 disc bulge is. The locum immediately read my MRI report and started to complete the referral form. I asked if there Read more about Surgical Referral & Holiday Prep[…]