6 Week Post Op Check

Today I had my 6 week post op appointment with my surgeon. His surgery over ran so I waited over 2 hours to see him. I wasn’t bothered as he, first and foremost, is a surgeon and unexpected things happen in the theatres. It’s not like he can pause halfway through surgery because he’s got outpatient appointments to see. I don’t mind waiting as long as there is a good reason.

He was very happy with the surgery and hat the disc is no longer pressing on the spinal cord and the leg pain has stopped. He is unsure as to whether the numbness is due to the bulge in L5/S1 or if it is part of the healing process. He advised that if the numbness has not got any better is 6 weeks to get my GP to refer me back to him and that he is happy to see me if things get worse.

I was only in the consultation for about 3 minutes! We covered everything. He advised that the back pain will most likely never get better and that I should continue to be extremely careful with my back. I’m to treat it like I’ve just had the surgery, no lifting, bending, twisting, sitting or driving for long periods of time and to continue laying down several times a day to take the pressure off my spine.

Overall I’m happy with the results of the surgery. He has managed my expectations very well by not promising a miracle cure and being honest about the long term issues I’m likely to face. I like my surgeon, I feel very lucky. No I just need to be careful and see if it will heal anymore.

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